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Empowering youth experiencing homelessness to reach their full potential for ten years.

We believe ALL YOUNG PEOPLE deserve support and the chance to succeed.

Mission: Rod's House builds authentic connections with young people, supports them in feeling respected and secure in who they are, empowers them to reach their full potential, and positively connects them to the community.

Vision: Rod's House envisions an END to youth homelessness in the Yakima Valley. To break the cycle of homelessness we will engage volunteers, donors, and the community to ensure young people's basic human needs are met and that they have a safe, stable home; permanent, positive connections; meaningful education and employment opportunities; behavioral and physical healthcare; and supports that reinforce their individual abilities.


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Yakima’s homeless youth population has quadrupled since 2008

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Current needs

The needs for Rod’s House change given the time of year. Please click here to see what we currently need.

Urgent Needs:

  • Individually packaged snacks
  • New underwear
  • Individually packaged juice, sports drinks, or water
  • Shampoo and conditioner

Upcoming events

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Oct 11, 2019

In Their Shoes - 10 Year Celebration and Fundaiser

Location: Yakima Convention Center

5:30pm - 9:00pm

In 2018, Rod's House served 380 unique young people who visited Rod's House 5,385 times! It was literally the busiest year ever at the house, and while that is exciting, it also brought significant challenges as these young people often have complex needs. We are glad to be here to help young people find reconnect with family, find their own place to live, graduate, continue their education, or find employment. ...

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"I needed education. I'm getting help for that. I needed housing assistance. I'm getting help for that. A lot of my needs are either met by Rod's House or they point me in the right direction."

"I always thought family were the people who couldn't push you away, but my family was the one who did push me away. I soon grew tired of gang banging and sleeping on the streets. That's why I come to Rod's House - it's a family of your friends. It taught me that homelessness can teach you many things, but most importantly it can teach you love."

"I had one challenge which was my cancer, but thanks to Rod's House I can get the help and medicine I need."

"Rod's House helped me with applying for jobs, emotional support, clothing, shoes, and so much more!"